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Drawings from your photographs

Working from your photographs, I create original artwork in pen & ink or paint. I also work digitally. Browse through the gallery to choose the style you like, and then email your photograph to me to start the process. It’s as simple as that!

From photograph to finished artwork, my drawings and paintings are easy to commission.

The better the photograph the better the finished work. For the best likeness I need a clear, crisp, close-up photograph from which to work. The more detail I can see within the photograph, the more detail you will see within your commissioned work. Your digital or conventional photograph should capture the character of the subject so that I can do the same.

Send me your photo via email or if you wish by post to the address on the contact page. All photographs sent to me will be sent back to you in your parcel.

Finished size is completely flexible: I normally find that A5 size is popular for a single pen & ink portrait of a person or pet, and A4 or larger if there is more than one subject. Separate photographs can be used to combine more than one subject into a single artwork.

Pen & ink portraits are drawn on extra smooth surface watercolour paper, using Indian ink and a steel nib. Painted subjects are usually larger, whilst digital work is created at a high resolution and suitable for printing at large sizes.

You pay nothing until you are entirely satisfied with the artwork. Overseas orders are welcome.

Completion of the artwork is dependent on the size and complexity of the subject. An A5 head & shoulder portrait will take from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on workload, and be despatched using first class mail.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.