It was when I was in primary school and spending two weeks at Belmont - a log cabin camp specifically designed to give deprived inner-city children an opportunity to taste the benefits of the Scottish countryside - that I first put pen to paper and wrote a full blown musical theatre piece. Ambitious is an understatement, but it did mean I had a captive audience and more importantly a captive cast.


Was it a hobby, a talent, a craving? Call it what you will, but it meant that every so often throughout my very varied career I would write something. Even in the highly technical world of medicine I would write the Christmas concert for staff, including the cardiac consultants, who dutifully stripped to their boxer shorts and cavorted across the stage.


It wasn’t until I retired from the NHS that I started to further explore the craft of creative writing. This led me to a BA in humanities followed by an MA in creative writing, which has brought me to where I am today: teaching the subject.


I believe the best is yet to come and my creative writing group INKY FINGERS is only the beginning…